You've got a big dream to write a book but how do you get started?
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Idea to Published:
A 5-Day Challenge


Self-publishing isn’t vanity publishing. It has launched careers and profited authors. Especially if you’re starting out, self-publishing may be your best way to go. We’ll talk about everything you need to know about this path and how best to navigate it. 

day 3: all about self-publishing

On this day, we’ll cover everything from agents to proposals. So you can make an informed, confident decision. 

day 2: Decide your publishing path: all about traditional publishing. 

If you want to write and sell those books, your people need to find you. We start with this first because this will be a lifelong journey of connecting with your right people. And, best part, it doesn’t have to be icky! It can actually be a service, and I’ll show you how. 


How do I reach people? Does self-publishing hurt my career? How do I find an agent? Answers to all that *and more.*

Traditional publishers like to see a proposal. Self-published books do best with a plan. Either way you go, you need to build a foundation for your book. Day 4 gives the ins and outs of a solid plan so you know you’re writing a good book. 

DAY 4: Write a proposal or make a plan. 

Now for the fun part! If you’re traditionally publishing, you’ll start hunting for an agent or publisher. If you’re self-publishing, you’ll get started on the manuscript. We detail a strategy for both paths. 

DAY 5: Pitch the proposal or write a rough draft! 

Oh yes, I'm in!

I’ve been an editor for ten years and helped make hundreds of articles, Bible Studies, and books shine. I’ve coached an award-winning author to her most ideal publishing option and restructured a Texas Senator’s wife’s book for clarity. And I would be honored to help you make your beautiful words come to life. 

Hey there, I’m Mikaela — your writing coach + editor