Have you started and stopped writing your book more times than you can count? Maybe have a couple of manuscripts hidden in your desk drawers or at the bottom of your Microsoft Word? 

Hey, I’m Mikaela - an editor and writing coach for women who dream of publishing a book

I’m pretty sure I have at least three abandoned rough drafts on my computer. Maybe even more if I go back far enough. For years, I allowed fear to wrestle my writing dreams to the ground. What if it wasn’t good enough? What would people think? Is it ok to write publicly? 


And I believe he wants the same for you. If you have a burning desire that will not leave you, then let’s listen to it. Let’s see what God wants to do in and through you. I truly believe writing is about more than publication. It’s about growing in a relationship with the God who loves you. 

Through coaching and supportive community, I found that ignoring this passion was hurting me. God created me to create. 

And I changed


I’ve been an editor for ten years and helped make hundreds of articles, Bible Studies, and books shine. I’ve coached an award-winning author to her most ideal publishing option and restructured a Texas Senator’s wife’s book for clarity. And I would be honored to help you make your beautiful words come to life. 

You don't have to have tons of time, a graduate degree, or credentials. You just need a guide to get you there. 

Now it’s your turn


"I felt so much more comfortable and confident after our session."


"I wonder if you know how much of a role you have played in building my confidence in taking this ginormous step towards publishing?! I’m so grateful for you and your professional, compassionate coaching! 

- andre gide

"Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But, since no one was listening, everything must be said again." 

Your writing matters because you matter. We were created to create. And often we use excuses like time and confusion to distract us from this sacred purpose. I believe we can all change that for the better. 

My beliefs

Seeing the world a shade more creative because we are writing motivates me to keep going. Creativity is a form of sanctification, of bringing us closer to the God who loves us. And I think we could all use more of that, yeah? 

My motivation

Oh, geez. I’ll just pick two. 
The Nightingale forever changed the trajectory of my writing life and inspired me to pursue writing when I thought I would never pick up a pen again. 
The classic 7 Habits of Highly Effective People encourages me over and over again to live a principled life of love. 

My favorite books

There is no starving artist, mentally imbalanced mentality here. I firmly believe, even as a busy mom, you can be a talented writer and care for your thriving family. You can live an inspiring life and document it too. Here’s how I’m trying to live that out. 

Being an excellent writer means living a beautiful life. 

Spending as much time as I can in my pink-door She Shed that my husband built me


Doing ministry with my pastor-theologian husband


Squeezing the life out of credit card points to get luxurious travel on the cheap


Eating gluten-free desserts because they're just better


Playing trains and dinosaurs with my two little boys



Ever wondered how to get your book published? Maybe you have a dream to see your work in print but have no freaking clue how to start. Fret no more, friend. This 5-day challenge will show you the exact steps to take to go from great idea to published. 

5 Day Challenge:
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If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines frustrated for years, buckle up. We’re about to reframe your mindset, give you skills, and set you on a path for success. 

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