Imagine the rush of closing out a Zoom session buzzing with ideas and actionable plans. It’s possible, friend. In 6-12 months, you could be holding a book with your name on it. You could confidently be telling friends at parties that you’re a writer. You could go back on old journal entries and be amazed at how much you’ve changed. 

What if you stepped off the sidelines and invested in your writing life? 

If there was a way to gain enough confidence and clarity, would you be able to finally finish your book? Your big breakthrough might just be one coaching call away. 

Coaching can change your life

You’ve got a basic idea for a book but you’re stuck in your head. Is it any good? You need a professional to talk out your ideas and see if they hold water. 


You’re overwhelmed by all of the possible options out there. Self or traditional publish? What about building a platform? And how to create a schedule for it all? 


You’re tired of letting fear of other people’s opinions or rejection holding you back. You’re ready to finally make progress. 

Blend in or stand out?

Women just like you–ones with busy schedules and little experience–have made it happen. 

The power of coaching can change the trajectory of not only your book but your life. You may be one question away from the breakthrough you’ve been praying for. 

1-on-1 Coaching

I know exactly what you need

Multiple sessions to build momentum and accountability


Open, safe space to talk about your project and problems


Recording of your session so you can refer back to it 


An action plan customized to you and your season of life


50-60 min Zoom calls every 1-2 weeks


Here's what you'll get


“Coaching activates the imagination and enlists the power of curiosity. The neuroscience research reinforces what coaches have known from experience: where the attention goes, energy flows. . . It actually creates new neural pathways–new attitudes, new beliefs, new expectations, and, over time, new results that are sustainable because they are built on those neural pathways.” Co-Active Coaching 

New Ways of Thinking

What makes coaching so valuable

Writer’s groups are awesome. They can give you encouragement and new ideas. I highly recommend you join one. The difference between the two, however, is the consistent and focused attention you receive with a coach. If you need to untangle a large problem or are struggling with staying on track, a coach will keep you going in a way that a writer’s group might not be able to. 

do i really need a coach if i have a writer's group?

Frequently Asked Questions

In our first session, we’ll discuss what you hope to accomplish. Your progress is my biggest goal. Once we get super clear on where you want to go, we’ll determine how to get there. While I can’t guarantee a publishing contract, I can tell you that coaching absolutely can propel you forward in ways you never imagined. 

What if I don’t get any results? 

Oh, 100%. Talking out your ideas to a coach can give heaps of clarity. Paired with an action plan and accountability, you’ll find your path! 

I don’t know what to write about but I know I want to write. Can you still help me? 

Sessions are 50 minute Zoom calls either once a week or every other week, depending on your schedule. We’ll walk through several questions to assess where you are, what you hope to accomplish, how to get there, and any obstacles that may come your way. You get an action plan so you know exactly what to do to accomplish your goal and banish your confusion in the days ahead. 

What do sessions look like? 

There may be a way you could ditch the confusion and finally and confidently publish your book. I want to show you the way. 

Ready to commit and see change?

So what do you say?